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Aluminum Coil ( HT-ALC-S)


It is a special material for channel letter. You can run it with our channel letter fabrication machine.

We call it" special" because of his double fold block design along the top edge to which the letter face is attached. With this special design, no need extra trim cap covering.

This double fold design generates from a channel forming machine.


1. 50 Meters per coil;

2. Height: 60mm, 88mm,110mm,128mm;

3. Thickness: 0.6mm;

4. Color: Brush Silver, Brush Gold, Mirror Silver, White, Black and Red.

5. The surface of aluminum coil antioxidant or fluorocarbon coating, it doesn't need to spray painting and polish, it can keep from fading for more than 10 years。

6. The specification can be customized as you request.

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